Bedroom Lighting – The key to the Right Ambience

Tead Easty October 1, 2016 Comments Off on Bedroom Lighting – The key to the Right Ambience
Bedroom Lighting – The key to the Right Ambience

The ambience is important in any room, but none more so than in the bedroom, and the key factor is lighting, which is often overlooked when creating a room. Light gives mood to a room, and we spend more time in the boudoir than anywhere else. Considering that the average person sleeps for one third of their life, the bedroom is the one room that should be special. Dark bedrooms might offer you a good night’s sleep, but we use the living space for so much more, and this should be taken into consideration when planning the lighting.

Room size

This is a critical factor to any room lighting, and armed with the measurements, a good lighting shop would be able to recommend sufficient light levels for general illumination. Directed light is determined by the objects you wish to highlight. Task lighting would cover a table, while a decorative table lamp would give a cosy glow to the room. An opaque shade would add to the ambience, and there are so many designs out there, you can match any concept.


It is never a good idea to put ceiling lights above the bed, as it will draw your attention, and face-level lighting is so much nicer, making for a relaxing ambience, ideal for the bedroom. Hidden LED lights can really create a unique hue, and at night, one rarely needs any more than that. Table lamps should be of low wattage, with a strong shade to prevent shadows. Wall spots are ideal for highlighting the headboard, or a tasteful piece of art in the corner, and with adjustable direction, one can change the ambience at will.

Go hi-tech

Modern dimmers and remotes offer the homeowner an unrivalled level of convenience, not only that, you can finely adjust the lighting at the touch of a finger. LED is a much preferred lighting for several reasons, one being the range of light spectrums it covers, and then there’s the low power usage, making it eco-friendly. LED units are durable and very long lasting, and with stylish fittings, one has the best of both worlds.


Bedside reading

A pair of stylish bedside lamps would cover this, and dimmer switches are recommended, as one can achieve the perfect lighting, at any time. Directional LED spots can channel the light, so you can read without disturbing your partner, and if the controls are centrally located, you could turn off your partner’s light without disturbing them.

The wardrobe

Inside the wardrobe, it is wise to install a small LED light at the very back of the top that turns on when the door is opened. This is ideal for those evenings when you want to take a good look at a particular outfit without taking it out. Floor level LED lights on the wardrobe doors can also bring a new dimension to the room, as with other low level areas.

A little creativity and self-confidence can allow you to transform the boudoir into a special space that you won’t want to leave.

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