Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

Tead Easty September 6, 2016 Comments Off on Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen
Maintaining a Commercial Kitchen

Part of running a commercial kitchen, whether it be in a small cafe or a large restaurant, lies in maintaining a kitchen that is in good technical repair. When faults do happen and kitchen equipment breaks down, it is absolutely vital to have it repaired as quickly as possible for the following reasons:

  • Health: Kitchen equipment that is faulty, requires workarounds, or is simply not operating properly can actually be a health hazard for your customers. Can you imagine a commercial oven not operating properly and the meat going out undercooked to your customers? In a scenario like this, it is vital to find the fault quickly and have it repaired or replaced. A case of food poisoning, for example, can hurt your business badly.
  • Costs: Having equipment in a commercial kitchen that is either faulty or completely broken down is an exercise in futility and frustration for the staff, but it can also be costly for owners. For example, if you run a small cafe, your entire morning could be disrupted because your coffee machine has simply stopped working or is blocked and not functioning at full capacity. Do you really want to turn your customers away at the busiest and most profitable time of day? As a customer, the last place you want to go back to is a cafe where you have had a bad experience because you didn’t get your morning coffee.

Having Faulty Equipment Repaired or Replaced

Given the potential disasters that can occur when commercial kitchen equipment breaks down, it is important for any restaurant or cafe owner to have the contact details of a local company that specialises in kitchen appliances repair.

It is a niche area and requires a company that not only offers extensive experience, but also nurtures industry contacts that can help them with complex repairs. This is important because commercial kitchen equipment, unlike domestic appliances, are specialised tools that need to work reliably for many hours consecutively, and also need to cater to large orders. This means that sometimes parts need to be sourced from specialised overseas contacts, or sent to third party companies that employ technicians with exclusive knowledge of certain models of kitchen appliances.

In cases where a piece of equipment needs to be sent away for repairs, a temporary loan model may need to be installed. This ensures that the establishment does not turn customers away and that little to no delay is experienced. There are only a small number of companies with the expertise and experience to offer this kind of comprehensive service.

Save Time, Money, and Costly Delays by Using a Skilled Repair Company

If you run a commercial establishment that relies on a working kitchen, it is important to source the details of an experienced company that can offer fault finding, kitchen appliance repair, and loan services. In fact, the best companies in this exclusive space also offer installation services to ensure that your commercial kitchen is running as well as it can be.

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