Transform Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Tead Easty August 9, 2016 Comments Off on Transform Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint
Transform Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

After you’ve lived in your home for several years, you may start to feel like it needs a makeover, especially if you neglected to change anything when you initially moved in. If all of the walls in your house are the same shade of white or if you’ve simply grown tired of the colours, painting some or all of the interior or the exterior can transform your home. The entire house can feel different with just a new coat of paint. So where do you start, and what do you paint?

Deciding on What to Repaint

How do you decide when to repaint a room and when to simply change up the décor or other things to give it a new look and feel? One way is to look at the lighting in the room. Is the room fairly dark even though you have several lamps and bright lights turned on? If it is, you might want to think about painting the walls a lighter colour if they’re not already. A room with white or a light colour can help bring in the light and make it look brighter. It can even help reflect any natural light that comes in.

If you’ve never repainted a room, that can play a role in your decision. You may have decided you don’t like a colour or that the room doesn’t really match the rest of the house. A quick coat of paint can change that. If you have a child who is moving into a different bedroom, he or she may decide the room is not to their taste, or dislike it.

When Should You Repaint?

Once you’ve decided which parts of your home to repaint, it’s time to hire experienced home painters in Perth  and make arrangements to have the rooms redone. However, before you do this, you do need to remember that having your interior repainted is going to disrupt your home for a few days. The painting company you’ve hired should be aware of this and should work with you to schedule the best time to paint so as to minimise the disruption. You may need to take into account things like school, work, and what furniture or rooms you’ll need to have access to consistently.


Remember, everything in the room that’s currently being painted will need to be moved away from the walls, and while some items may be able to remain in the room, many will need to be stored elsewhere for a few days until the painting is finished and has dried. If you’re having your kitchen or dining room repainted, you may even need to figure out alternative cooking and eating options for a day or two.

What about the Exterior?

Repainting the outside of your home is a great way of giving it a facelift in preparation for selling the property or after your home has withstood the trials of the weather for several years. While repainting the exterior isn’t as disruptive as repainting interior rooms, it does have a few challenges. You may have to speak to your neighbours so they are aware that people will be all around your home or to ask them to park in a different spot for a few days so the crew can have the access they need.

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