What Cause a Running Toilet

Tead Easty July 24, 2017 Comments Off on What Cause a Running Toilet
What Cause a Running Toilet

Did you know that there are things that can go wrong with your toilet? And toilet issues can be left undetected and lead to huge water bills at the end of the month. Apart from burst pipes and blockages, a running toilet can take its toll on your bills. This is when your toilet keeps a constant state of flushing. This could make a noise or none at all. However, you should have this dealt with right avoid to prevent your bills from skyrocketing.  Here are the causes of a running toilet.

Leaky Flapper

The flapper is the piece of rubber which sits on the flush valve. This can go bad easily especially if you have hard water or use a chlorine cleaning table in the tanks. It makes a seal with the flush valve’s top and when this seal is damaged, there will be water leakage at the tank.

Float Issues

If you open the lid, you can find a rod that has an adjustable float attached to it. This is meant to control the water level of the tank. A float set too low leads to a weak flush and a float set to high results in water flooding the overflow tube. When this happens, the fill valve will not shut off. The float must rest at around one inch below the overflow tube’s top. Adjusting the float will set the water level. To do this, you must pinch the clip and slide the float up or down until it reaches the one-inch mark. To ensure the stability of the water level, flush the toilet and make sure it reaches and stops at the ideal height.  Also, a float issue can occur when the chain is stuck. In this case, you need to clip the end to the clip which holds the chain to the flush lever or just simply trim the chain.

Damaged Fill Valve

You might have to get a new fill valve if you continue to hear annoying sounds of water running. This is a DIY task that can save you lots of money.

To ensure smooth operation of your toilet, periodic maintenance is a must. If you have tried doing some adjustments and replacements and your toilet is still running, you should call a plumbing company in Perth as soon as possible.  Make sure you hire a reputable plumber to get your toilet issues efficiently.

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