Common Problems with Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are very common throughout the country. If you want a reliable, long-lasting garage door for your house, you should definitely consider going for a roller shutter door.  Roller shutter doors are relatively easy to maintain when compared with other types of variants, but that’s not to say that they are devoid of problems. Like any other piece of machinery or mechanism, roller shutter doors are also going to cause problems from time to time. As long as you maintain it properly, the roller shutter doors won’t cause you many issues. However, there are certain common problems that might arise from time to time. Some of the issues that you might experience are discussed below.

Tracks and Rails Don’t Work Properly

The mechanism is based on tracks or rails. Every time the door is lowered or hoisted up, the chains move on a set of rails or tracks. If there’s dirt or debris stuck within the tracks or rails, the door may not open properly. If you notice the chains getting stuck on the rails or trucks, you should first closely inspect the rails. Try to clean the dirt and debris properly from the rails and then see if the chain moves properly on the tracks. If that doesn’t work, you might want to contact a local company that offers roller shutter repairs. They will check the entire mechanism from top to bottom and then determine exactly what’s causing the problem before recommending a fix.

Power Source

All roller shutter doors are connected to a power source. If you have an automatic power shutter door, it’s going to be connected to a power source for movement. As soon as you press the button, an electrical charge is sent throughout the mechanism, opening or closing the door. Many doors are also operable with a remote, so an automatic receiver will also need to be installed. If the power source isn’t working properly, you might have to get the door checked. An electrician will check the supply of electricity throughout the door and determine whether the door is receiving adequate electricity or not. If the power source is damaged, you might have to reconnect the wiring.

Motor Damage

There’s a small motor installed within the roller shutter damage that is susceptible to a number of problems. In case the motor heats up, it may stop the door from working efficiently. Over time, the motor might get damaged and may need to be replaced altogether. Motor damage is quite common in roller shutter doors, especially those that are opened and closed multiple times in a day. If you want to replace the motor, it’s highly recommended that you buy a suitable replacement. Talk to the repairs company to find out which motors are the best before you buy one.

Buckles or Dents

Buckles or dents in the structure of the door may prevent it from opening or closing properly. You should check the structure carefully for any signs of physical damage before you call a repairman.