House Painting In Hawaii 

Paint by local exterior house painters for example is today the favorite wall covering of the French, far ahead of wallpaper or other coverings. White, very fashionable a few years ago, is supplanted by decorative paints in more attractive colors.

Preparing The Walls Before Painting

All interior painting by painters hawaii for example work goes through good preparation of the supports. It’s essential! For painting the walls, it is necessary to fill the holes and the cracks, dust off, wash or even wash the walls, for example, the kitchen or bathroom. About the washing of the walls, note that we do not start from the top but from the bottom because if we start from the top, the runs on the part of the wall which is not cleaned may leave indelible traces if the surface is not repainted.

Another very important point: the wall must be very dry or as less damp as possible if you want to repaint, for example, after water damage.

To control the humidity of a wall, you have to take a small detector with pins that touch the surface to be painted. Professional painters consider that the humidity level must not exceed 20 to 25% to paint a wall. If not, there is no need to repaint the paint will quickly blister or peel.

For A Successful Painting Project

Move everything in the room. It is more convenient to work, and it avoids dirtying. If this is not possible due to lack of space, cover the furniture and the floor with plastic sheets, which are made for that. The cost is low and guarantees a total seal (fix them with masking tape). Do not use old sheets, for example, which are immediately penetrated by the paint.

Quality Paint

Whatever the nature of the paint you choose, do not skimp on the price of the material: brushes, brushes, and rollers must be of excellent quality! Even if you don’t reuse them after your construction site, it’s a very profitable investment! Take some very good paint! This means expensive paint. If you can, go to a specialized trade to buy your paint because whatever people say, even in the same brand, the paint found in DIY superstores is not the same as that found in professionals.

Take Care Of The Finishes

For this, use quality marking tape (Tesa or 3 M, for example) to delimit the colors at the level of the strips or between the walls or the ceiling. Wait to clean up drips and drips until tomorrow. This will be much harder to do when the paint has dried! Do any touch-ups as soon as possible to avoid rework on completely dry paint.