How to identify different the types of terrariums plants


The types of terrarium plants are many. Many plants are suitable and can be nurtured to be terrarium plants. Today, the most popular types of terrarium plants are succulents. Apart from the succulents, there are also other types of plants that can be trained or nurtured to be terrarium plants. Here are some of the plants that you should consider


This is the first type of plant that you can nurture and make your terrarium Singapore plants. This is the first best suggestion for anyone who would wish something different from the plants they have gotten used to. This is a plant that originates from the South American rainforest. Fittonia is a tropical plant species. It has beautiful veins that normally contrast with the normal olive green. It also has an interesting green allure. Fittonia is a plant with a different color scheme. When you are making your choice, you can choose according to the color that you like.


The next type of terrarium that you should know about is the terrarium. Just from the name, the plant has thick and juicy parts. They hold liquid in them so that they can survive for a long time. They also have a differentiated appearance and all qualities that make them suitable as terrarium plants. If you are planning to sell your terrarium, you should know that such a plant may not be suitable for succulents. This simply means that succulents should be placed in an open terrarium.


This is another plant that you should expect to find in the terrarium Singapore group. A good example of such a plant is the Venus flytrap plant. It is a plant that will help in keeping mosquitos at bay. Although the plant can be kept away from its prey for some time, it can only be healthy when you allow it to feed.