Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Different Pergola Styles You Should Know


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the word pergola would be quite strange to anyone who isn’t in the landscaping profession. Some group pergolas with gazebos. However, they are just partially right. Let’s check out a few different pergola styles you should know.

The Styles

  1. Standard pergolas – Pergolas are outdoor structures made of columns and posts that support a roof of rafters or beams. That means everything from a gazebo to a pavilion is a type of pergola. While a gazebo sits on raised ground with an open roof and railed-off sides, a pavilion has open sides. That’s why it’s important to discuss a pergola with your landscape designer in great detail. It’s also a nifty way of figuring out if the landscape designer is an amateur or a veteran in his field.
  1. Attached pergola – An attached pergola is one that has one side directly attached to your home. This is usually used when homeowners want to cover a space that’s physically connected to a wall of their home.

For instance, people often have an attached pergola built over their deck or patio. An attached pergola helps you maximize the real estate of your home without sacrificing outdoor space. It makes the connected space an extension of your home without detaching you from the open outdoor environment.

  1. Freestanding pergola – As the name suggests, a freestanding pergola is a pergola that is independent of your home and stands as a solo landscape feature. People use this style for their bedside pool, garden, or for creating outdoor living spaces that are away from your home, yet close enough to offer a lot of conveniences.

For instance, you can build a small freestanding pergola for creating a romantic dining setup for you and your spouse. This way, you can have a great evening out in the open while having access to the kitchen a short distance away for cooking the food.

  1. Arched pergola – Pergolas usually have flat roofs. However, you create pergolas with arched roofs. An arched pergola has a lot of charm and can be more effective than a freestanding pergola for creating a romantic atmosphere. It also gives the outdoor landscape structure a unique look with hints of elegance.
  1. Awning pergola – Awning pergolas aren’t very common in backyards. However, they are very common in urban settings. Awning pergolas are small pergolas with an awning style that can be mounted directly to the wall. There’s no need for support structures like poles or beams. This kind of pergola usually serves two purposes, aesthetics and shade. You’ll often see this kind of pergola outside stores and other business centers. You can also build one for your property if you have a small backyard.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you do your own research before choosing a pergola style for your property. It’s also important to choose the right material for your pergola so that it suits the geographic conditions and your personal needs.