Plumbing Fittings: For What Uses?

Plumbing fittings from Midwest Supply for example are an essential element in a home; they can be found both in sanitary facilities and for the heating system, but also outside and in particular at the level of the water supply. Which plumbing connection should be chosen according to the use? Response elements.

Sanitary Connection

Everything depends on the installation already in place to make plumbing connections at the sanitary level. Choosing the right fittings is essential to ensure a good seal of the pipes. Thus, copper fitting is probably the most widespread. You can connect the pipe that supplies cold and hot water with a brass fitting if the pipes to be connected are not of the same material (e.g., copper and metal). The PER fittings will be able to ensure the distribution of water in the toilets.

You can also use glued or crimped fittings, especially for wastewater disposal. Indeed, the evacuations are often carried out via pipes and, therefore, PVC fittings. Depending on the configuration of your room, straight fittings, elbows, or even branches and reductions will be necessary.

Different sizes of fittings for different elements of the house

Heating Connection

When discussing heating, it is possible to assemble the piping by welding or brazing. With a weld, the connection is made of metal identical to that of the parts to be assembled. In the case of solder, the fitting has a different material.

What about when soldering or soldering is not possible? In this case, it is possible to use removable mechanical couplings. Let us quote, for example, the couplings with crimped joints, the couplings with collars with flat joints, or the sphere-conical couplings.

Exhaust Connection

PVC such as Lasco Schedule 80 PVC – Midwest Supply for example is traditionally the material used for drains. It has the particularity of being easily cut with a saw and can even be drilled easily. The connections between the different elements are made by gluing. This strong plastic must be joined with PVC fittings. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Water Connection

For the water supply of your accommodation, several connections may be necessary. Externally, special brass fittings are recommended with an O-ring seal if a trench is created. It would help if you also had a terminal fitting with a threaded ring that slips over the pipe. Watch the entry of the pressure reducer, which also requires a made-to-measure connection with a good seal (joint compound, tow).

Choosing & Installing A Screw-In Fitting

Screwing in a fitting saves a lot of time! This fittings family is complete and can accompany you for many installations.

1 The Type Of Compression Fitting

Straight, equal sleeve, reduced sleeve, equal elbow, tee, as with all other fittings, compression fittings can take many forms.

2 Compression Fitting Size

Compression fittings start with diameters of 16mm, and later it is possible to find versions that fit up to 90mm.

3 Fitting A Compression Fitting

The assembly of a compression fitting is done by screwing to obtain the seal. Easy assembly, even for occasional do-it-yourselfers.