Spring 2022 Lawn Care Checklist

When spring arrives, care for the lawns begins. After all, the plants are starting to grow, and it’s time to enjoy the garden. But the vast majority of people and companies end up limiting care to frequent pruning with a scythe and indiscriminate application of herbicides. And usually, such care does more damage the lawn and makes it beautiful, soft, and ready for outdoor activities. The results are often failures, the lawn thin and increasingly overgrown with weeds. How can you? Here Earth Development will explain more:

Weed Control

Spring is the ideal time to keep an eye out for weeds. Pluck stubborn plants before they produce thousands of seeds. For the task, in addition to the good old firm in o, you can make use of new tools on the market that make the job easier. Localized applications of herbicides can be replaced by a technology that is as old as it is efficient: torch burning. In addition to controlling weeds, it avoids the use of poisons and reduces pollution of the environment with chemical products. But if the lawn is very extensive and the problem is complicated to solve manually, talk to an agronomist so that he can prescribe the best herbicide option for your garden. Escape from cheap solutions offered by gardening companies of dubious origin, which can cause real irrecoverable damage to your lawn.

Cutter maintenance

It’s very annoying to pick up the lawn mower and have trouble getting it to work. Avoid this headache by maintaining your machine well. If possible, contact the authorized assistant to sharpen the blade, change the oil, the filter, or in other words, do a good and complete overhaul of the machine. After all, she is a high investment and good maintenance increases her useful life, leaves her ready for work and even prevents accidents due to malfunction.


A lawn cut done by landscaping services near me for example at the correct height remains healthy and strong after successive cuts, much needed in the warmer period. Letting the lawn grow too long between cuts will lead to gaps. On the other hand, cutting too short, shaving, damages its regeneration, favors compaction, the appearance of weeds and even leaves the lawn susceptible to drought. Therefore, try to cut at the correct height, adjusting the height of the cutter (avoid using a mower), with a frequency that respects the speed of grass growth. Each species of grass has a recommended height; try to find out which type you have in your garden to maintain it correctly.

Pest And Disease Control

Heat and humidity can trigger an explosion of pests and diseases in your lawn, especially if your lawn has been neglected in the fall and winter. Then, try to correctly diagnose the appearance of baby bumps, beetle larvae, caterpillars, termites, ants, as well as diseases such as rhizoctonia and curvularia. Once you find out what problems are affecting your lawn, the treatment can be more assertive so that your grass regains the health and uniformity so desired.

Reduce The Impact Of Drought

It is possible to “train” the lawn to better withstand periods of drought. By mowing the tallest grass, we stimulate a deeper root system. Likewise, deep and spaced watering is preferable to frequent and shallow watering, as it also has a strong effect on deepening the roots. A lawn with strong and deep roots manages to remove moisture from the soil more efficiently, becoming resistant to dry periods, as long as they are not too prolonged.