The Inside Scoop on ModWood Decking

No matter where you live, having a deck is pretty beneficial. Depending on your lifestyle, you could use it for many things. For example, your deck could be used for extra seating or as an entertainment space, or it could be used as an outdoor grilling station. You could also use your deck as a more convenient garden space. Overall, regardless of the purpose that your deck serves, you’ll want it to be made with the best material, which is where ModWood comes in.

What Is ModWood?

If you haven’t heard of ModWood in Brisbane, you’ve been missing out on the best wood material for decking in all of Australia. The material is wood composite, and around 90% of the material has been sources from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood waste. Because of this, ModWood is a sustainable material alternative to others like traditional timber. It’s requires little maintenance and is very durable, as it does not rot, split, or warp in any way; the material is also resistant to termites.

Benefits of ModWood

Because ModWood was created in Australia, it has been designed to endure the harsh environment of Australia. This means you can be guaranteed that your deck will hold up, unlike some other deck materials. The materials are also all locally sourced from waste and recyclable materials, so you’ll be helping to better the environment and preserve rainforests by using ModWood.

ModWood also doesn’t require any treatments, like oiling, staining, or painting, to be done to the wood. This makes installation a lot easier than what might be involved with other materials. Other benefits include the fact that ModWood isn’t made with any nasty chemicals, and the material is able to be cut into custom sizes if necessary.

The biggest benefit of using ModWood, perhaps, is the fact that you’ll actually save a ton of money in the long run. With traditional timber decks, you’ll need to invest a lot of money into continuously maintaining the material. ModWood, on the other hand, requires little maintenance after being installed, so you’ll end up spending less and saving more over time.

Why Choose a ModWood Deck

Other than the benefits of ModWood as an alternative material to timber, there are still many other reasons why you should choose to use it for your decking project. Because ModWood comes in a wide range of colours and comes in such high quality, you’ll actually be adding to the value of your home by using it. Because you won’t need to worry about maintenance either, you’ll also save a lot of time and can spend more time enjoying your deck.

Overall, decks that are made with ModWood wood composite material are safe and beautiful. They save you both time and money overall. If you’re interested in using this material for your new deck, contact a professional today for a quote or for more information.