Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen with These Appliances


The very definition of an ideal summer night includes friends, a barbeque, and a well-equipped outdoor kitchen. So, if you’re looking for great ways to liven up your backyard kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. The easiest way to upgrade your kitchen is to add appliances, and it’s only a matter of time before they start malfunctioning, especially the refrigerators because of outside temperature irregularities. So, when something goes wrong, simply Google “refrigerator repair near me” for professional help. Now that you know how to react if things go wrong, it’s time to discuss the upgrades.

The Upgrades

  1. Firepit– There is no better way to enjoy the outdoor ambiance other than sitting around a fire pit and roasting marshmallows. Of course, nowadays people are way too busy to venture into forests and go on camping trips. An outdoor fire pit is the closest you can get to nature within a busy city area. Not only is it great for setting the mood for horror stories, but you can also cook all sorts of roasted treats over it while benefiting from the warmth in cold wintery evenings.

Depending on your requirements, you can build a pit any way you want. If you prefer a vintage look then consider digging up a fire pit in the backyard itself. You can even decorate by arranging a stone circle all around the pit. If you’re more of a modernist person and prefer flexibility over looks, then a portable fire pit is better suited for you. They may lack the classic looks, but they are easier to maintain, and you can always move them around and keep redecorating your backyard all you want.

  1. Outdoor-approved range hood– Outdoor-approved range hoods are great for barbecues. Yes, you may cook outdoors, but if there is no wind, the smoke from the BBQ can be discomforting to the guests. A range hood pulls everything starting from grease, smoke, and even smell from the grill, and helps you enjoy your barbeque without any worries.

Proper installation is also important otherwise the range hood will not work properly. Make sure there is at least a 38” gap in between the hood and the BBQ for it to function efficiently. Also, make sure the vent is resistant to the elements and can hold its own against a storm. Also, make sure to clean your vents after every party. Since they are located outside, they pull in way more dirt than usual, and a regular cleanup ensures it keeps working for a long time.

  1. Pizza oven– There is a huge misconception that backyard kitchens are only meant for barbecues. You surely have visited any BBQ in your lifetime, and fun though it seems, eating the same thing over and over but with different flavors feels boring. However, thighs do not have to be that way. Become a revolutionary by getting a pizza oven for your backyard.

BBQs may be great, but they do not offer the flexibility of a pizza oven. For instance, when in a  BBQ you are limited to only one flavor. However, in the case of pizzas, you can arrange for all sorts of ingredients and ask your guest exactly what they want and turn your backyard into a pizza get together.

The flavor combinations are practically limitless. Mushrooms, chicken, onions, double cheese, ham, vegan, the sky’s the limit. A pizza oven can create the perfect pizzas, similar to those you get from shops. You get the perfect crust, sizzling toppings, and just the right degree of melted cheese, which can be difficult to get in non-pizza ovens.

Moreover, pizza ovens are available in different shapes and sizes so you can choose one based on your crowd size. Nothing beats the quality of cooking of a dedicated pizza oven.

  1. Refrigerator– What’s a party without a few drinks? But forcing someone to go inside the house every time they want a drink is a bit too tedious. Both you and your guests want to enjoy the outdoors. If you wanted to be in the house, why did you throw an outdoor party in the first place?

An outdoor refrigerator is the perfect appliance and is considered the heart of the party. It not only provides you quick and easy access to all sorts of drinks but to you cooking ingredients as well. Now every time you want some veggies, meat, cheese for your pizza or BBQ, you can simply walk over to your outdoor fridge saving you a ton of time, which is better spent in the company of your guests.

It is better than just carrying around a portable cooler as it cannot hold enough drinks for a large crowd, and you’d have to eventually go inside to refill it. Moreover, a refrigerator looks more sophisticated and speaks a lot about the homeowner and mind behind that beautiful outdoor kitchen. 

  1. Outdoor heating– Winter evenings can be quite chilly if you do have a fire pit in your backyard when the outdoor weather drops like crazy. The party spirit is not always enough to power through the cold of the night. You will, however, have a better and more comfortable night by arranging some outdoor heating.

You can either choose dedicated heaters or some fancy-looking fireplaces. Wall-mounted heaters spread the heat throughout the patio whereas the standing one specifically focuses on a small region. There is no perfect hater, so pick one that suits our needs. Fireplaces on the other hand sit close to the wall like a portable gas fire pit, but they are not hot or as deep as an original one.


Managing your outdoor kitchen is no easy task. It’s fun when you’re having a party, but in case of storms or other extreme weather conditions, your kitchen equipment runs the risk of getting damaged. The most vulnerable among them is the refrigerator which is an electrical appliance. If it does happen to malfunction, don’t hesitate to search “refrigerator repair near me” and appoint a technician for affordable and proper repairs.