A Complete Guide for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was one of the most common construction materials in use in the previous century. From the early 1900s, many of the construction companies began using asbestos. It was inexpensive, readily available, and met all of the properties of a good and durable construction material. Naturally, asbestos became the best choice. However, disturbing signs began to appear in the 1950’s as the number of deaths began to increase. Research began independently to check just how harmful asbestos can be, and in 1998, asbestos was completely banned from use as a myriad of studies proved just how harmful it can be.

But, the damage was done. There are still plenty of buildings that were made using asbestos which are still standing all around the country. If you live in a building that contains traces of asbestos, it’s recommended that you call a local company for asbestos removal in Perth right away. There are many important things that you should know about asbestos removal. Here is a complete guide to help you out.


The first step of the removal process is the inspection and the surveys. A team of professionals will visit the building to look at the different signs and then determine the numerous areas where asbestos was used. The surveys will be conducted in different parts of the building and in certain cases, portions of the wall might have to be removed as well. Once the inspection has been completed, the company will evaluate the costs of the remediation and then give you a quote.

It’s recommended that you hire an experienced company that offers high quality asbestos removal services. They are going to comprehensively check for the use of asbestos in different parts of the building and then give you an estimated price quote. Once you agree to the price, they will talk to you and determine a timetable for the completion of the work. More importantly, you will have to make alternative living arrangements while the work is being conducted. Asbestos removal experts work while wearing hazmat suits to prevent the inhalation of these asbestos fibres.


The asbestos removal process involves removing chunks of asbestos from different parts of the building. Once that is done, the company will use cement and concrete to cover up the walls. In some parts of the building, drywall might also be used. These are just a few things that you should know about the asbestos removal process. If you live in a building that contains high amounts of asbestos, it’s recommended that you call an asbestos removal company right away to save time and prevent any major injuries as well.