Quick Tips For Dealing With Carpenter Ants!

As a homeowner, you probably have come across pest problems in different seasons. Besides roaches, bedbugs and spiders, carpenter ants are a major problem. For the uninitiated, carpenter ants are not same as termites, so don’t get confused. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood, but make their nests there. You should be concerned about the presence of ants in your home because they can get into the water resources and can impact the structural integrity of the building. However, carpenter ants are harmless to humans. Here’s all you must know about extermination des fourmis charpentière.

Find the signs

Carpenter ants can be black or red in color and the male ones have wings. When these ants make their home in the wood, they produce what is known as ‘frass’, which almost looks like saw dust, and this is often considered to be the first telltale sign of ants. You can also find possible damage to wood in the moist parts of the house, and if you suspect the problem, you can drop something sweet on the floor to attract them.

Should I consider DIY cleanup?

Well, many internet solutions include use of Boric acid to get rid of carpenter ants, and these ideas may work if you have a minor problem at hand. Sadly, in many cases, the problem of ants is much more complicated than what’s seems on the surface. If you have tried some of the DIY methods and failed, it is a better idea to get professional assistance. Pest control services are more effective and affordable than ever before, and they can use the right tools and products to detect ants. To detect moisture and presence of ants, thermal imaging cameras are used, while many pest control companies also use additional ultrasensitive radars to find ant movements inside wooden doors and regular walls.

Before hiring a service

Besides selecting a licensed company, make sure that they are using safe techniques and products for getting rid of ants, which should not be damaging to the environment. Also, keep a check on the expertise and training of the workers working at your home. Getting an estimate in advance is also recommended, and for certain pest control services, you might get a guarantee on the job.

After getting the cleanup done, make sure to do a thorough checkup after a day or two, just to be sure that pest control company has completed the job assigned.