Signs that You Need to Replace Your Slate Roof

Slate has long been known as one of the most durable products or materials used for roofing, but even this reliable roofing product needs to be replaced after a while to ensure that the roof is in good condition and that the home is protected and dry. While hiring a roofing expert to come check the condition of your roof is the absolute best way to tell whether or not you need to replace your slate, there are a few signs to look for that will let you know that you need to make an appointment to have a professional come to your home.

Check for Moisture Damage

One of the first and most obvious signs that you need to hire an expert in NSW slate roofing is when there is moisture problem in your home. Your attic will quickly become damp and damaged when the slate on your roof either falls out of place, become soft and brittle, or is cracked in half. If this happens, it is very likely that you will find active drips and leaks in your attic when you go into the space during a heavy rainstorm. If your slate tiles have absorbed moisture, then it is likely that they are holding this moisture in and around your attic, and this can cause a lot of problems.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

By visually inspecting your roof and paying close attention to the areas where you found leaks, you will be able to determine the location of the damage and whether or not your tiles may be salvageable. If you have a lot of damage or missing tiles all in one area, then the problem with your roof may be issues with sub par building materials, not necessarily with the actual slate itself. Once you have visually located the damage on your roof, it’s a good idea to get up on top of your house and tap the slates to check and see how firm they are. Slates that sound goal when you tapped them are probably no longer in good condition, while ones that have the resonant sound may be able to be used again in your future roof.

The absolute best way to understand the condition of your roof and what kind of work needs to be done is to hire a professional to come and inspect not only your attic, but also the tiles themselves. Doing so will allow your professional roofer to determine whether not they can reuse some of the tiles that are in your roof, or whether too many of them are damaged or too old to be salvaged. While trying to save money is a good idea, it’s even more imperative that you ensure that your family and your belongings are all protected from bad weather by a roof that is in great condition.