The Easiest Renovation for Your Home Exterior

Creating the perfect backyard is tough. There are so many materials to choose from in designing structures that will complement your outdoor space, from patios and decks to gazebos and steps. While it is a commonly held assumption that limestone, sandstone, or wood are the best ways to create a variety of textured looks for a beautiful yard, it is in fact possible to achieve the same style and feel with a much less expensive material: stamped concrete.

In the hands of professional and accomplished builders and designers, stamped concrete offers a broad spectrum of personalized designs that enhance efficiency in both the construction process and utility. No other materialis more durable! This special benefit provides building owners and designers with the chance to extend the life of the structure they build for your family by many years. Because it’s a malleable material, it can be conveniently molded into a wide range of shapes, colours and finishes that reduce initial costs and require less maintenance.

Discussing budget concerns during the initial design phase (rather than waiting for the estimates to come in) helps to keep your projects within a reasonable economic budget. Communicating the cost implications of design decisions enables you to play a crucial role in deciding the final project price. Once the scope of work has been determined, the project costs are clearly demarcated by the contractor, and your exciting project can finally get underway.

For some structures such as landscape construction, the design is done separately, sometimes resulting in unforeseeable costs and time lags during the construction process. But some companies permit the project team to provide valuable insights into the costs and building construction of varied designs. The end product is a sound design, a budget defined and a structured schedule. When you work with a design professional and a construction expert simultaneously, as you would with a company such as Elite Concrete, the potential problems are found prior to the actual start of the project. Since the designer, engineer and builder come from the same company, and work together, the main focus continues to be on the client’s interests and concerns.

One of stamped concrete’s advantages is the convenience of its installation. It is far less costly to install this surface than one built of stones, for which each stone needs to be carried and set. In a mild climate, there isn’t much need to worry about stamped concrete cracking due to the rapid expansion and contraction that comes with temperature fluctuations. In a more extreme climate, however, occasional resealings of the surface are applied by the staff of a company like Elite Concrete, where this process in included in a warranty for the first two years.

The most beautiful backyard renovations could include restructuring a poolside deck, adding shrubs and trees that bloom in different seasons to keep your yard looking great all year round, or adding steps and pathways in interesting finishes. See what can do with a simple material and professional execution. Get started on the easiest renovation you’ll ever plan.