Crime Rate is on the Rise in Bend – Here’s What Innovate Security For Life Can Do to Keep Your Family Safe

The world is grappling with the increased rate of cyber insecurity, and so, what happens with our everyday life protection? The protection we require at home for physical and genuine threats to our property and our well being. Home and business security can rely on innovative security solutions that may come in handy. Most modern security systems, from shades to door locks, have offline and online interfaces that enable users to interact with systems with much ease. They are an assortment of input and output devices that are essential in safety and security control.

Outstanding innovative security technology features system programming and network security. Residential and commercial security installation is the reflection of most innovative security systems to safeguard citizens’ welfare.

According to the Pew Research Center, the crime rate had shown a 1.29% increase in 2018, from 2017, representing 166.32 per 100,000 population. This is taken as a significant bias to safety indices.

In Bend, Oregon, violent crimes and property crimes are among the two prevailing types of crimes the state administrations struggle to control. Overall the total crime rate in the state of Oregon is significantly below the national average, but by all means, this is not the time to let your guard down.

Companies in the home security industry have flourished as a result of the growing concern for home safety. Especially now that entire families are staying in for work, school, and regular everyday activities.

One local security company in Bend, OR, is Innovative Security For Life. This DIY home security company offers easy installation and low-cost security products to clients. Innovate Security For Life helps consumers secure their homes and commercial properties using the most updated technology in home and commercial security.

With a consistent capacity to provide consumers guidance specifically for their needs and budget, Innovate Security For Life also offers all the consumables necessary to secure homes and businesses for a do-it-yourself installation.

Alarm Systems

With a sound model synchronizing devices with networks, alarm systems can utilize interactive technology in providing best in class protection. This assures clients of ultimate protection all day, every day. This they do by initiating alerts via emails and text notifications whenever the security algorithm detects suspicious activity. This connection is centralized directly to the web or smartphone so that users can receive real-time information. Most of these systems are interactive, mobile, and automated.

Surveillance Systems

An outdoor wireless camera helps users to be able to see and talk to visitors, regardless of their location. Smart doorbell cameras help visitors identify with users to streamline access to homes and commercial property. All these are virtual HD cameras with huge resolutions that deliver images to users with crystal clarity. The cameras may be connected to a chime or a Wi-Fi range extender to establish a secure data transfer protocol.

Innovative security systems video monitoring gives users a pacified experience of getting real-time video recordings of what goes on around premises even when they’re not around. They can see who pulls through the driveway and whoever comes via the front door. Again, this is an enormous opportunity for users to interact with delivery drivers in situations whenever separated by distance.

Most domestic users have warmed up to these smart security solutions since they’re mostly self-install, providing them with a treasurable DIY experience.

The availability of mobile applications for these solutions facilitates seamless motion detection making it easy for users to manage their engagement with visitors.

Alarm Monitoring Execution

When the system initiates, the alarm system triggers an array of interdependent actions. The central station monitoring center handles the alarm. The monitoring center tries to contact the customer to verify a false or true alarm.

If it returns a genuine alarm, the system establishes a secure connection to local authorities for dispatch. Finally, the monitoring center has a feature that enables users to custom select any intended recipients, as desired. The central monitoring station works hand in hand with emergency response providers.

Features that Dictate EfficientInnovative Security Systems


Users can only trust those security solution organizations that guarantee professionalism and are ready to guide them in undertaking installation and the entire monitoring process. Integrity, servitude, and quality are three tenets of any outstanding innovative security installation solution. These ought to be security experts who are abreast with modern security solutions and any emerging challenges in security globally. This will enable them to design up to date systems which can last longer and beat obsolescence.

Easy Installation

Magnetic mounting came as a silver bullet to installation by doing away with conventional and cumbersome drilling methods. This meant a reduction in wall destruction and a faster change of batteries, would it arise. This is a huge relief to users.

Quality Tools and Equipment 

Users should always focus on finding vetted, patented security products as counterfeit ones are prone to hacking. As such, encryption should be treated with importance when selecting which security solution to go for.

Life Safety 

Users are advised to go for fail-safe security solutions that assure safety even when they may have been tampered with. Smoke detectors, for example, have to be occasionally maintained by expert personnel. An efficient security provider must have a service team for their systems, equipment, devices, and machines and tools.

Relationship Management

Most security solution organizations have a means of engaging their users in redesigning their tools to measure up to the standards of a continually changing globe. They listen carefully to challenges undergone by users and the recommendations thereof. This enables them to make evidence-based decisions whenever carrying out continuous improvement measures.

Hacking is a profound bottleneck in security, even at home security. Using physical security information management (PSIM) helps manage security, logistical, and safety needs from a centralized location. Its most significant advantage is the ability to interface with several other security systems within an organization, from entrance monitoring, cyber-attack alerts, closed-circuit cams to alarms, and fraud prevention for the more commercial uses.

The determinant factors for a top-notch security system are its ability to provide high levels of usability, flexibility, and agility. Innovate Security For Life certainly delivers for all of your home and commercial security needs. With this guide, I am confident that you will make the best decision when choosing a security solution that’ll work for you.