What Is Your Appliance Warranty Plan?

Having an appliance warranty plan is a smart choice for appliance consumers; when buying this appliance, no one knows when an incident or a malfunction will occur to them. It’s nice to have appliance warranty plans to be on the better side when this happens. An appliance warranty plan guarantees you the comfort of buying any device with confidence that all your worries will be sorted out when a default occurs to the appliances. Some of these appliances are very expensive to purchase and so taking a step forward to insuring them with an appliance warranty is an excellent idea.

What is an appliance warranty plan?

It is a service contract between the manufacturers and their consumers on agreements that guarantees their appliances’ safety. Through the after-sales services of repairs and replacements when there is a malfunction or a breakdown of an appliance. There could be collateral damages to the appliances, and these damages could be electrical or mechanical. In case either of the damages occurs to your appliances, you can reach out to your warranty company and get your damages fixed. The appliance warranty also covers the appliances that are experiencing wear and tear before the set agreement time for the warranty. This warranty comes with its term and conditions that govern what aspects of damages are covered by the warranty.

Examples of appliances in the warranty plan

Appliances range in number in the market. In recent days, home appliances have become a norm in all households. Getting warranty plans has been on the rise due to the many numbers of people buying this appliance. Appliances range from the different functions they serve, the price of the appliances, and the brands, some brands are termed to be more sophisticated than others, and these are the brands most people go after because of the trust they have in them. Most of these brands have noticed the urge the people are buying their appliances with, and they have introduced warranty plans for their appliances to get more clients and act as an incentive or a closing gift to their clients. Examples of some the appliances are;

  • Clothe washers
  • Drying machines
  • Microwaves
  • Heating systems
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Coolers
  • Televisions
  • Garage machines

Warranty companies, in their contracts they will describe their terms on how to handle claims when a need arises. The warranty companies cover this appliance without the discrimination of appliances age or the model.

Problems your appliance can cause

Owning these appliances comes with many responsibilities; these appliances are machines and experience several problems that always need to be fixed; some problems are noticed early while others only professionals can identify them. Your appliances being there to help you can sometimes cause more trouble than good when they have a malfunction that is not being attended to. Problems within appliances vary from minor damages to major ones, and all require the service of a contractor to correct the problem. Some of the issues caused by the devices are likely to be hazardous to human health; this problem is;

  • The air conditioners are not working.
  • Dryers not drying the clothes.
  • Washing machines have some leakages.
  • Refrigerators are not cooling at all and spoiling all the food.
  • Inbuilt microwave having electric shots

How to make a claim

Once a client has identified a malfunctioning appliance, it is now time to claim the appliance warranty company that has covered the said appliance. Some processes are followed before a repair or replacement is done by your company. The process is well described in the warranty agreement, and so all a client is supposed to do is follow the rules. To make a claim, a client has to follow this process;

  • Identify the faulty appliance, claim call, email your company or reach their customer support via their websites.
  • Make your claim and wait for at most 72 hours before your claim is tackled.
  • Once the warranty company gets your claim, they will get back to you and advise you on the way forward.
  • The appliance warranty company will send their contractor to identify and correct the problem.
  • For replacements of some parts of the appliance, the warranty company will take care of the replacements and repairs.
  • The appliance owner must pay a small service charge to the service provider as stipulated in the warranty plan’s contract agreement.

 In conclusion, there are several benefits to enjoy when you have a warranty plan for your appliances; all repairs and replacements are done by your company hence saving you on the service charge for the repairs. A client gets to enjoy it without worrying about how and who will repair the appliances once a faulty occurs. Before you get any appliance, please know their terms in the contract and understand what they cover and don’t.