Making your New Pet Dog Comfortable at Home

Man Holds Two Small Dogs

Getting a new dog would be both frightening and exciting. At one hand, you have a cute new member in the family. The fun and new activities would be endless. Hiking, walking or just cuddling up on the couch for a movie. All these things would come, but it would be important that you understand how our dog is thinking. Let us look at it from the dog point of view.

New Pet Dog Comfortable at Home

The dog would be pondering on questions such as where am I. What do I do? How did I get here? Who is the owner of the place? It would be similar to being hired for a job, dropped off in a parking lot and driven to the building. You do not know what to do or where to go. Therefore, your new dog would require some guidance or in other words, pack leadership.

What should be done to make it comfortable?

Understand, the dog is going to be timid and shy. It has been a new place with new people, smells and sounds. It does not know the rules. So let us take it one-step at a time.

make it comfortable

Take it for a walk

Take it for a walk around the neighbourhood prior to taking it inside. It would become more comfortable if it were able to smell the new territory and explore the new world.

Lead the way

When you enter the house, you should go through the door first. Dogs have been known to read body language and by walking through the door, you would be establishing that you are in charge and it needs to follow you.

Lead the way

No reason no affection

Do not give the dog affection for no reason. You would not get raise on the first day of your job. The same principle applies here.

Let the dog explore

Let the dog explore the house by itself. Give it some time to be acclimatized to the house. Soon it would find places it feels comfortable.

Let the dog explore

Be assertive for wrong behaviour

Be firm in correcting any unwanted behaviour right from first day. Your natural instincts might tell you to give it a pass, as it is new. Dogs do not learn that way. They would only learn by trial and error.

Exercise your dog

Ensure the dog gets plenty of exercise. A new dog would naturally be somewhat anxious. Burning off some of that energy would be very helpful for its peace of mind.

Exercise your dog

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