Keep Your Cooling and Heating Costs Low with Roller Shutter Doors

When you look at roller shutter installations today, you will find that they are not only stylish, but are helpful in keeping your energy costs down and adding security. Rolling doors on commercial properties give the shop owner or business person extra peace of mind, as they are ideal choices for securing a property.

Roller Shutter  installations

Keeping Everything Safe and Secure

In prior times, shop owners often debated whether they should install rolling doors for extra protection or use the more attractive standard doors. That’s because the rolling kind of door used to be rather industrial-looking and unpleasant to the eye. As a result, standard doors were the door of choice, even when securing a property. That fact has been swept by the wayside, as the rolling shutter door of today is pleasing to the eye.

However, the major benefit associated with rolling shutter doors is the additional safety they supply. Rolling aluminium or steel type doors feature an affordable method to safeguard storage spaces, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Keeping Everything Safe and Secure

Doors Are Available in Manual and Motorised Models

The insulated roller shutter doors on the market make it possible for you to keep your heating and cooling costs lower during the year. That type of installation, in and of itself, makes this type of door the preferred choice for both commercial operators and homeowners. These kinds of doors are lightweight and strong and are featured in both manual and motorised models.

For a business that needs a higher level of security, roller shutter type doors that have been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, or LPCB, are recognised as products that meet fire protection and security standards. These standards are based on audits for quality and regular testing implementation. Security ratings, such as LPS 1175 or STS202, are tags that identify the level of difficulty associated with a breach in the portal. In other words, the designations show the amount of time it would take for a trespasser to get through the door.

Manual and Motorised Models

Naturally, doors made with insulation are popular selections because of their potential savings to the customer. Whether you are a homeowner or a manufacturer, a rolling shutter door is an important contributor to keeping warm in the winter or comfortable in the summer.

If your warehouse or plant has big entrances or expanded loading bays, then any loss of heat can definitely be a concern. Any insulation that is added to a door can save a company a significant amount of money. The insulated roller type doors highlight shutter laths filled with insulation. This insulation not only keeps people warm during the winter, but it also produces a sound barrier.

warehouse or plant

Some of the doors of this type are also fire-rated. This rating is required in some industries, such as schools and medical facilities. A fire-rated roller shutter door can be used to keep a fire under control or keep it from spreading. Fire doors may be used externally or internally and can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees Centigrade. These types of doors enable you to save on your insurance costs as well. Whatever your reason for purchasing a door, you will reap some significant benefits.