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These Are the Most Popular Pavement Materials for Gardens

Pavement materials for yards and gardens are not chosen only by esthetic criteria. Their durability, resistance to bad weather, to high traffic and so on will definitely have an impact. People choose these based on many different aspects but some materials have managed to always make it to the top of the list.

  1. Stone

Stone is available in all parts of the world and can withstand any type of weather. Besides, it’s natural and creates just the right look for any kind of home or property. Stone is incredibly versatile and you may opt for one of the many sizes, from small to very large and flat, which is quite trendy these days. Also, the color range is much wider than one would normally think. If you choose stone, you have one more huge advantage: you can install it yourself.

  1. Gravel

Although in many ways so similar to stone, gravel is a lot less stable. It cannot be used on an inclined surface and doesn’t stay in place when on driveways. However, in more quiet and flat areas it is perfect – natural and pleasant feeling/looking. Many people also prefer it for its very low cost. It’s usually the choice of those who would want stone but cannot afford it.


  1. Chippings

There are many types of chippings available, from natural options to synthetic ones. The latter ones have been gaining in popularity, thanks to manufacturers which have come up with resistant, non-harmful, beautifully colored versions. Note that rubber chippings have a variety of uses and are well suited to gardens, as they don’t affect plants in any way. Also, these are not dangerous to children or to pets.

  1. Sandstone

This one surely deserves its separate spot. People choose sandstone for its lovely colors, which range from gray to tan and from blueish to lavender and to light cream. It has a relatively low cost and is easy to cut to have the desired shape and size. Thus it can be fit to many landscaping projects. In addition, it lasts well in time. If you want to go for a special effect, look for the less common colors of sandstone.