What To Have In An Electrical Material Store To Be More Competitive In The Market

To have a successful electrical materials store like in Blackhawk Supply for example, you need to go beyond good service. In the quest to increase sales or even become more competitive in the market, the owner of this type of establishment constantly needs to improve its structure or product catalog, as well as research new ideas to attract more customers.

In this sense, it is necessary to consider the disposition of the materials and also the diversity of the items offered, with a portfolio vast enough to serve all types of audiences. It is also necessary to pay attention to the training of your team, so that it is able to serve customers in the best way and always direct them to purchases that meet expectations.

We will explain how to get customers and also what you need to do to make your establishment even more competitive. So, to find out what these tips are, read on!

What your electrical supply store must have to be successful

As we mentioned, any successful electrical store has 3 main factors:

  • A good layout/distribution of materials in the store
  • Diversity in its catalog and diverse portfolio
  • A trained and qualified team to serve customers

After all, your electrical material store serves a large number of people every day, with different objectives. Not just individuals, or what we call the final consumer, but also electrical material factories and even suppliers of electrical material for resale. Therefore, you need to be able to cater to these different audiences and also provide what they are looking for.

In general, a good electrical supply store that has vaisala sensors for example, with the potential to remain competitive in the market, offers the so-called essential items. That is, those that your client will probably request, and cannot be missing from your portfolio. Next, you understand more about each of these products.

Circuit breakers

One of the most important parts of the electrical system. Act in the protection of the electrical installation, in order to preserve the conductors. Provides more security against short circuits or overload. In installations, it is found on the energy metering board on the street and on the home’s internal protection board.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

It has a 10kA interruption capacity of up to 63A (compulsory INMETRO certification). Widely used in switchboards and power input standards.

Distribution Boards

It is the item where the circuit breakers, DPS and DR of the residence are fixed, being the point of protection of the electrical system of your residence or installation. It is possible to offer different models and sizes in your electrical material store, with distribution boards from 4 to 36 circuit breakers.


It is responsible for the passage or interruption of the electric current, after its activation. Used in simple, parallel and intermediate versions. The simple switch is the most common model, but ideally, you offer all the options at your electrical supply store.


Sockets are a very important part of the electrical system and are always sought after by customers. In general, sockets vary according to current capacity. In Brazil, the standard is type N, with three round pins, with currents of 10A and 20A.


Yes, lamps are also electrical materials, and very important in your portfolio. At the time of purchase, your customer will take into account the power and luminosity of the product, as well as the type of lamp and its lighting capacity. Therefore, offer the greatest possible diversity, so that the consumer can find the perfect option for their purpose, both in terms of power, price, luminosity, light temperature, etc.